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Is Alpha-M1 Good? Reports, Side Effects, How to Take and Results

Produced by Dynamic Formulas, Alpha-M1 is a pro-hormonal supplement that promises to gain up to nine pounds of muscle mass over a period of only four weeks.

Since we can not only believe the promises of the product to know if it really works, in today's article we will briefly review the supplement, we will try to find out if the Alpha-M1 is really good and we will know the reports about the product, its side effects, how it works and more.

What is it and how does it work?

As mentioned above, Alpha-M1 is a prohormone. It has a substance calledMethyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolonein its composition. Such a compound is converted to the hormone testosterone after being metabolized in the body.

Testosterone is important for those who want to grow muscle in the body because it works on lean body mass, increased strength and muscle hypertrophy (growth). It is also linked to the decrease in body fat because it is associated with the action of transforming fat accumulated in the body into energy source.

Decreased hormone in the body can lead to problems such as loss of muscle mass, decreased strength, accumulation of fat, tiredness, indisposition and reduction of sexual desire.

Among the benefits promised by the product are: increased vascularity, increased strength and bulky muscle gains with retention.

However, it is also important to know that the supplement should only be used by advanced users who have used other prohormones.

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Is Alpha-M1 good?

To know if Alpha-M1 is good, we will see some reports of users of the product. One consumer claimed to have gained 3 kg of lean mass in a week with the aid of the product.

However, on many specialized websites there is information that the supplement is not considered reliable. Some stores have stopped marketing it and do not indicate the Alpha-M1 because it is a product that poses health risks.

If a store, which aims at profit, has decided to abandon the marketing of the supplement, it is a sign that however much it may bring results as noted by the above user, the supplement is not safe with respect to the Cheers.

The concern of the sites proceeds, since the Alpha-M1 is known with one of the strongest pro-hormones of the market.

In a large Brazilian forum, a user logged their experience with Alpha-M1. During the first two days he felt normal, with no difference from when he did not use the supplement, but revealed to have experienced a headache on the second day. Later, he said he felt a slight increase in strength.

On the third day, he stated that he had observed a much larger vascularity, but also reported feeling stressed and having felt the side effects of the supplement. Days later, he said that his trapezius grew sharply and felt stronger, but also experienced side effects like acne, body side pain in a region near the kidneys or liver.

The following week, he said he had felt the anabolic effects with chest and leg gains. Still, in the end, he stated that he did not indicate the product to anyone, concluding that the investment was not worth it.

This was because his goal was to reach 90 kg, however, he reached only 87 kg, gaining only 1 cm of arm, increase of 3 cm of chest and loss of 3 cm of waist. Not to mention that he continued to feel pain on the side of the body.

If the fact that Alpha-M1 is reported to be dangerous even by a supplement store, the colleague's report above actually indicates that its use is not worth, not only for the investment it requires, but also for bringing risks the health.

Of course you can argue that each person has an organism and that the results may be different. And that's true though, it's also important to take care of health while using a supplement, to make sure that the gains it brings really are worth it.

So to be safe, we recommend that you consult your doctor, nutritionist and the Alpha-M1 is good for you, just like any other type of pro-hormonal, in view of your goals and health.

Side effects

The following side effects are associated with the product:

  • Decrease or loss of sexual appetite;
  • Hepatic stress;
  • Loss of hair;
  • Stomach pain;
  • Burning stomach;
  • Gynecomastia - development of out-of-normal-sized breasts in men;
  • High pressure;
  • Aggressiveness;
  • Headaches.


The supplement should not be used by women because of the risk of masculinization. People who suffer from high blood pressure or low blood pressure, heart problems, heart complications, livers or kidneys, thyroid problems, diabetes and have psychophysiological complications should also stay away from Alpha-M1.

The same recommendation is for people who use MAO-B inhibitor drugs, MAOIs, SSRIs or antidepressants and who have sensitivity to the components of the formula.

To make sure that the product will not cause problems to your health, especially if you suffer with some condition or you are taking medication, consult your doctor of your confidence to make sure you can use it.

How to take the supplement?

The advice is to use the supplement in cycles, which dosage between 20 mg and 60 mg - which is the maximum amount of Alpha-M1 that should be ingested daily.

For beginners, the first cycle should occur as follows:

  • 1st week: ingestion of one capsule per day upon waking;
  • 2nd week: ingestion of two capsules daily, one upon awakening and the other eight to 12 hours after the first;
  • 3rd week: ingestion of two capsules daily, one upon awakening and the other eight to 12 hours after the first;
  • Week 4: ingestion of two capsules daily, one on awakening and the other eight to 12 hours after the first;

From the second cycle, the consumer is already characterized as advanced and consumption can be as follows:

  • 1st week: ingestion two capsules daily, once upon awakening and the other eight to 12 hours after the first;
  • 2nd week: ingestion of three capsules daily, every eight hours;
  • 3rd week: ingestion of three capsules daily, every eight hours;
  • 4th week: ingestion of three capsules daily, every eight hours;

But, attention! This is a dangerous product, which requires the so-called Post Cycle Therapy (TPC), which has the objective of maintain the gains gained, regulate hormone production and reduce the risk of side effects unwanted. PCT is a dietary regimen, combined with the use of medications.

During the cycle, it is still recommended to use products that offer protection to the liver.


It is possible to find the Alpha-M1 for the price of $ 20, 0 in virtual stores.


Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Alpha-M1 is good at what it promises? Are you curious to try it on, even after the non-positive reports? Comment below!

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