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Ectima - What It Is, Symptoms and Treatments


Ectima - What It Is, Symptoms and Treatmentswhich many are still unaware of.Besides tha, HEEctimais a medical condition in which the skin becomes infected with pseudomonas aeruginosa. People who are most at risk of developing this skin condition are those who are seriously ill or those whose immune system is severely compromised. In many of these patients, this condition is a sign ofinfectiongeneralized in the body (with the same pathological agent).EctimaGangrenosum is characterized primarily by the appearance of skin lesions in the form of vesicles or pustules. These tend to be hemorrhagic and they quickly progress to necrotic ulcers.

What is Ectima?THEEctimais a skin infection similar to impetigo. It is often called deep impetigo because it occurs deep inside the skin.



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Causes of Ecthyma:Ectimais most often caused by Streptococcus bacteria. Sometimes Staphylococcus bacteria causes this infection of the skin. The infection can begin on skin that has been injured due to a risk bite or insect. The infection usually develops in the legs.


Symptoms of Ecthyma:The main symptom ofEctimais a small bubble with a red border that can be filled with pus. The blister is similar to that observed with impetigo, but the infection spreads much moreskin. After the bubble has disappeared, aulcercoarse

  • First lesions are macules and pustules
  • These lesions are painless and have a red surrounding border
  • As the lesions progress, they form a hemorrhagic center (bull)
  • Lesions progress to necrotic ulcers
  • The transformation from the initial lesion to the necrotic ulcer may suffer in a matter of hours
  • Single or multiple lesions are present on the skin
  • Areas most affected: anal, genital and axillary
  • Any other part of the body may be affected, especially if there is a generalized infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Other areas that may be affected include:
  • Gluteal region
  • Perineal region
  • Extremities of the upper or lower limbs
  • Trunk
  • Face - In rare cases - bilateral periorbital lesions
  • Lesions heal with the formation ofscars

Treatment of Ecthyma:Your doctor will usually prescribeantibioticsthat you need to take by mouth (oral antibiotics). First cases can be treated with antibiotics that you apply in the affected area (topical antibiotics). Serious infections may require antibiotics given through a vein (antibiotics Placing a warm, wet cloth over the area may help remove ulcer. Your doctor may recommend antiseptic soap or peroxide rinses to speed recovery.



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Prevention of Ecthyma:Thoroughly clean the skin after an injury, such as a bite or scratch. Do not drag or pick on crusts and wounds.