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Use These Tips to Keep in Shape on Your Next Journey to Work

Business trips can be packed with presentations, meetings, buffet lunches and long sitting while working. Even if the days start early and you have a heavy workload, do not let go of your commitment to good form. Not only will you feel physically better at the tasks of the day, you will also be more mentally focused on the work itself.

If you have on a fitness plan at home, there is no reason not to keep it while you are out of town.

Continuing your wellness plan including exercise and diet during business travel is critical to maintaining healthy habits that you have developed. Many times, the biggest trap in losing or maintaining weight is stopping and then trying to start over; the more natural a behavior becomes, the easier it is to continue with it.

Also, if you travel frequently to work, unhealthy behaviors, especially with diet, can sabotage the great work you are doing at home to improve your health.

We've assembled tips from good-looking experts who share how you can follow through on your plan the next time you're on a business trip.

Be sure to take what you need

Plan ahead and buy a sneaker, gym clothes, light and portable equipment, or a yoga mat. These items are important to keep your commitment to good form while traveling.

Run or walk and get to know the place better

Plan a map of the area where you will be staying and try to race routes. This is a great way to get to know the city before or after meetings, while doing something good for yourself.

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Book a hotel with fitness center or swimming pool

Most hotels have a fitness center. It does not need to be fancy, and usually has some aerobic equipment for you to undergo a basic workout. Consider going early in the morning or if you have the chance to return to the hotel in the middle of the day, take a dip in the pool to burn the carbohydrates for lunch.

Take your own equipment for a workout in the room

Consider buying resistance bands to have lightweight and compact equipment that you can carry anywhere. Choose high intensity interval training to increase heart rate and increase your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. To do this, work for short periods of time at 75-85% of your maximum heart rate (8/10 on a difficulty scale) followed by a recovery period.

Another option is to run Tabata intervals, working 20 seconds with 10 seconds of recovery for 4 minutes.

You can do these circuits with any combination of exercises, for example, jumping squats and burpees, with strength exercises such as push-ups.

Keep moving

Use the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther from the entrance of every seat, walk across the room on the phone, or even during a face-to-face meeting, if that is an option.

Take a tour of the place you are visiting, weather permitting, or if there is a shopping mall nearby, consider a walk not just to exercise but to get your head out.

Use everything you can in your hotel room

Do not worry if you do not have exercise equipment in your luggage or a gym at your fingertips at the hotel. Use what you have at your disposal. You can watch the morning news or listen to the radio while you are exercising.

Here are some ideas for using what you have in your room:

Start with triceps dips. Place both hands on the seat of the chair (with your back to the chair) and immerse your body down and up to train your triceps.

Then try to do squats. Put one leg on the chair (facing the chair) and squat down and up to work the upper legs.

Conjugate with push-ups. Support both feet on a chair (or a sofa) and push your body up and down with your hands flat on the floor.

This mini exercise can be done in minutes before a breakfast with healthy proteins to provide energy to face your full day of meetings.


Do you travel a lot to work, and because of this you have difficulties to keep in shape? Do you think you can include these tips on your next trip? Comment below!

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