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10 Tips To Buy Whey Protein

Using dietary supplements is a top priority for physical sports, correct? Mainly sports athletes who require high conditioning and excessive physical expenditure. Restoring the vital energies and nutrients to your body's functioning is vital for you to maintain the efficiency in your workouts, and that's exactly why you should choose the best way to buy whey protein.

The supplement has been widely adopted by bodybuilders and high-intensity sports, its effectiveness being recognized and not limited to construction muscle, is what you can recognize if you already use this source of protein, or know, in case of doubts to insert this supplement in your routine of food. From now on you can end up with questions about how to buy whey protein.

We prepare10 Important Tips That Will Help You Choose The Ideal Whey Proteinfor you and thebest way to evaluate the cost benefit of a whey protein.


Information on how to buy whey protein is intended for people who seek better health, endurance and muscle growth. They are usually practitioners of high intensity physical exercises or bodybuilding, thus requiring a better pre-arrangement of the muscles of the body. It is noteworthy that many people are using whey protein to lose weight nowadays too.

As usual and due to the search for hypertrophy, the gain of lean mass requires attention, because catabolic effects can jeopardize any gain gained during training, Therefore, if you aim to gain lean mass and hypertrophy, it is essential that you combine safe and nutrient-rich supplementation to nourish the full functioning of your body. body.

It is exactly at that point that you should focus on how to buy whey protein suitable for your goals. It will be instrumental in regaining your muscles, it may assist in enhancing the anabolic effects so you will gain significant gains.

Types of Whey protein

It is noteworthy that there are several types, and you should evaluate this on how to buy whey protein. Manufacturers offer several versions and you can choose the one that best suits your taste or purpose. Next you will be able to know the three main types of whey protein, in this way you can choose the one that will best contribute to the definition of your body according to your goals outlined.

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Whey protein has high protein concentration and superior biological value. It can be differentiated from other supplements, such as Casein, by being digested in a shorter time, thus being virtually instant nutrition source for your muscles.

Whey protein concentrate

It has high concentration of amino acids and still contains superior biological value. It is the whey protein that has less filtrations and processing. The protein concentration may range from 70% to 80%. Some users claim that the taste of whey protein concentrate is the most enjoyable when compared to others. It is worth noting that protein concentration does not make it inferior to other types of whey protein.

Whey protein hydrolyzate

It has a vast amount of free amino acids, the type of whey protein that contains hydrolyzed proteins, which provides faster and more efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients.

- Whey protein isolated

It is the most popular among practitioners of many intense physical activities like sports that require a lot of muscles or intense bodybuilding sessions. Some people think this is the type of whey to lose weight and reduce the percentage of fat by not having carbohydrates and fats. But that is not true. Some advanced sportsmen and bodybuilders have a preference for this and the fastest absorbing whey protein there are. For a person practicing ordinary physical activity it does not make sense to spend almost 50% more just to get the whey insulated form. It is widely used by people who have some lactose intolerance.

- Whey protein combined (5W, 3W, etc.)

There are many products on the market that combine the types of whey protein described above. It's a way to mix some whey protein with very fast digestion with the whey types of digestion a little slower. Basically it is the blending of these three types of whey with a few more variations of filtration. Generally the combined whey protein has an intermediate amount of carbohydrates and a little more protein per serving. In practice it has a little more protein per dose than a whey protein concentrate.


It is important that you evaluate the compositions and effects of the supplement so that you can choose how to buy whey protein that is right for you that is appropriate to your personal characteristics.

- Tip 1: Particular goal

Before you analyze the options, you should reflect on your goals. If you are an average bodybuilder, even if you are serious about gaining too much muscle, you will probably be well served with a good whey protein concentrate.

- Tip 2: Choose a trusted brand

More important than defining whey type is choosing the brand. Many wheys have a lower protein concentration than the one reported on the label. This happens especially in some Brazilian brands. In practice the product has fewer proteins and more carbohydrates than you are aware of. And in some extreme cases the protein is a mixture of whey with albumin or some other cheap source. This way, in addition to you are consuming less protein than you think, is consuming proteins of lesser biological value. If you feel a lot of gas when taking your whey, be wary. It may have far more carbohydrates than the indicated or other less pure proteins.

- Tip 3: Schedules

You should reflect on the times of the day when you will consume whey protein. The types can offer different effects and can be more efficient if ingested at certain times. If you are an advanced sportsman and want to use whey alone, you can consume whey protein concentrate before workouts and the isolate in the post-workout meal. The isolated whey protein is not very indicated before bed. You can choose the concentrate that has a slightly slower absorption or casein, which has an absorption that lasts up to 8 hours.

- Tip 4: Whey protein imported

Buying on international sites and outside Brazil may be an alternative to circumvent the high values ​​of whey supplements sold in the market here. Among the alternatives for imported whey protein, we can highlight the brands Optimum Nutrition, Allmax Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, Dymatize, Muscletech, Perfect, AST and Musclepharm. Due to some cases of adulteration of some brands of national whey protein, many people have opted to buy imported whey protein.

- Tip 5: Choice of taste

Choosing the flavor in general is important. You can prepare delicious shakes and take great pleasure in meals when you choose a yummy flavored whey. Your shake options increase a lot when you choose a wildcard flavor like vanilla and its variations. You can mix it with fruits, oats, and many other foods. For those who like a simpler combination like maltodextrin and whey protein and always take the same shake, the chocolate flavor may be preferred. Nowadays there are many new flavors in the market. The brand Optimum Nutrition for example is known to have a great variety which include cookies and cream, banana and others.

Whey protein is not simply used as a protein build, quite the opposite. Consumption has become popular and with dietary restriction in diets, athletes and bodybuilders have shared and created new recipes and ways of preparation with healthy ingredients along with whey protein. Whether you want to make famous "fit" cakes, shakes, smoothies or low-sugar candies, it's important that you know the flavors, so that you can choose a taste option equivalent to your taste folks. It is worth noting that in these more elaborate meal preparations, whey protein hydrolysates or higher cost versions, which would compromise and reduce the probability of preparation of several people.

- Tip 6: Solubility

Some whey dissolve very well in milk or water even by stirring only with a spoon while others create lumps that you need to knead into the glass. If it is forever to hit the blender, it makes no difference. But it can often be practical to put a portion of whey in the milk and take it for an evening meal for example.

- Tip 7: Read the labels

Do not choose whey protein to be consumed only by indications or popularity and price. Always seek as much information as possible about the supplement to be purchased. Be aware of the recommendations for use and nutrition information contained in the labels, stores usually rely on people to guide at the time of purchase, but we know that the interests of the sellers will not be equivalent to the their. Clarify your doubts and only make your choice after confirming all the substances contained in the product, so reading the labels carefully is essential.

- Tip 8: Usage time

It is good to think about the frequency of consumption and the yield of purchased portions. This tip is for you to control the intake of whey protein and also help in the programming of the expenses destined to its supplementation. For example, there are people who balance their consumption and opt for the monthly purchases, or fortnightly thus being, control their consumption by the quantity offered on the packs, usually 900 grams or, kg, so you can evaluate your intake and still create a plan additional.

- Tip 9: Prices

Not all consumers have a large sum to buy whey protein, correct? In this way, one must study the benefits of the types offered and the particularities arranged by the manufacturers. Prices may vary depending on the popularity of companies, the filtrations and processing done for the extraction of protein and even the proportion of adept consumers. It is necessary that you look for references and not choose your extra source of protein just for the prices, do not just focus on the cost-benefit, ask yourself if the possibilities fit your goals and compare with the investment you make. available.

A good practice is you choose 5 brands you trust and compare the price of protein grass in each product. See how many grams of protein you have in the whole pot and then divide the price of the product by that amount. For example, if in 32g of the product there are 24g of protein, in 943g of the pot 707 grams of protein. If the product costs $ 180 you will divide this by 707, which gives $ 55, per gram of protein.

- Tip 10: Manufacturers and Where to buy?

As previously stated, manufacturers and distributors are key factors to a better process of how to buy whey protein. You should not choose a supplement with no indications and references about the real benefits they can offer. Look for products known and recognized for efficiency among athletes and athletes. Seek reviews from other consumers and friends you trust.

You can get your whey protein at food supplement stores and health food stores. It is important that you try to start buying them in physical stores so that there is more clarification about the effects and reading of the actual labels contained in the products. After some time of adhering to protein supplementation, you can also get whey protein from sites and stores that offer ready-to-use supplementation products at home. Remember, you should seek referrals about these virtual stores so that there is a guarantee of delivery and you can enjoy your supplement without major consequences.


What do you take more into account when buying whey protein? Do you prefer to shop online or in a physical store? What are your favorite brands? Comment below!

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