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9 Simple Changes That Made Me Lose 20 Kg and Keep Them Well Away

Fitness blogger Katie Dunlop has lost an extra 20 kg in a sustainable, healthy and fun way. Here's how you can do it, too.

Katie Dunlop's journey began after college when she found herself 20 kg overweight and tired of the ups and downs of diets and exercise plans in fashion.

Delete the unnecessary

She then began to look for small changes that could increase over time. His first mission was to identify and eliminate unnecessary habits. Every night, like a pre-dinner snack, Dunlop used to nibble cheeses and biscuits while cooking. "I did not necessarily need it she says. Instead of banishing this pre-dinner ritual at once, Dunlop decided to cut the cheese for a few days and then eliminate the cookies. "Eating habits are the hardest thing to change, so finding minor adjustments has become extremely important she says.

Promote smart changes

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"I love food says Dunlop, of Orange County, Calif. "So I had to find ways to make things I already liked healthier."

Dunlop recommends replacing sandwiches with lettuce or pasta wraps with vegetable noodles such as zucchini, for example.

Organize your meals

Dunlop used to spend the whole day eating almost nothing, and then devoured all his calories at night. According to a study in theInternational Journal of Obesity, the timing of food intake can affect the success of weight loss.

Feeding yourself early in the day begins to move your metabolism, so it works constantly throughout the rest of the day. Eating late at night will only give your metabolism only a few hours to function. "I feel like I really eat more now says Dunlop, "and I feed more normally."

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Get rid of unhealthy foods

An often neglected step of successful weight loss: organization. Dunlop says cleaning his pantry has helped bring a positive and healthy mindset. Get rid of those packets of biscuits, chips and chocolate bars. You will find that the motto "out of sight, out of mind" really works.

ResearchCornell Food and Brand Labshow that when food is visible, you are more likely to consume it.

Try yoga

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Dunlop loves her high intensity workouts - she is now a certified personal trainer and creator of Love Sweat Fitness, a health and fitness community with about 40, 00 followers.

However, adding yoga to her routine proved to be very useful for stress and emotional clarity, she said. Harvard Health Publications lists innumerable benefits of yoga, from achieving a better body appearance to being more conscious about your diet.

"Yoga is known for its ability to relieve tension and anxiety in the mind and body according to Dunlop. As a bonus, it can also improve your ability to exercise.

Exercise as soon as you wake up.

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You can get out of bed, brush your teeth, and go to the kitchen to have coffee, but do you know what Dunlop does? She wakes up straight with abs. "I start my day focused on my body she explains. Even if she does not have time for another workout, this morning session helps her feel good for the rest of the day.

Do not go crazy with your goals

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Overdoing the gym or thinking that you need to exercise 7 days a week is perhaps the easiest way to lose motivation. Instead, take small steps.

"When you start slow, you're able to feel more accomplished says Dunlop. She started going to the gym three days a week, and then slowly increased the intensity of her terns and her number of days at the gym.

In fact, much training not only harms your body, but can also make you more lazy in your days without training. According toJournal of the American College ofCardiology, too much going to the gym can negate the benefits of regular exercise.

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Improve your meals

Dunlop is the first person to say that old favorite snacks like biscuits and pancakes are not out of your diet right now, but their ingredients can often be replaced.

"Instead of eating old cookie recipes that require a lot of butter, use coconut oil and whole-grain ingredients she says, noting that there are some incredible recipes for snacks that use healthy ingredients such as legumes, chickpeas, tofu, and avocado.

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For Dunlop, it's about making unprocessed recipes as much as possible. "Eat the dishes you love while making them healthier and better for your body she says.

Live the life

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"You can eat some pasta, you can have a slice of cake. It's okay, "says Dunlop. Trying to lose weight should not mean eliminating the joys of life - or you will find that it is not sustainable.

Trying a piece of a yummy cake at an office party a month, or enjoying a pizza with your family, will not usually sabotage your goals. Savor those moments with friends. Do not blame yourself. Just make sure to take a few bites to taste the taste and try not to eat the whole portion.


Which of these points that Dunlop has managed to change in your life seem to be more difficult for you to adjust to and succeed in? Comment below!

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