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She Did not Fit in the Bridesmaid Dress and Changed her Lifestyle

During her childhood and adolescence, Brandi Byers was an active girl, playing basketball and practicing dance classes, and still had plenty of salad. Still, her appearance was more "of a footballer she says, than she looks like her lean, fit friends.

And when she started attending Arizona State University, she became careless with her eating habits. "My best friend and I had an apartment - and lots of groceries recalls the 29-year-old Phoenix resident in the United States. "In the second year, my diet was out of control." Along with meals filled with breads and pasta dishes, Brandi let her exercise frequency subside. She gained 20kg in her, 0m in just 18 months.

The change

A few months before Brandi was a maid of honor at the wedding in October 2009 of her best friend, she could not even get into the dress she needed. "I could never tell my friend that I could not be at her wedding because my dress was not fit for me!" She recalls. She promised not only to lose her extra pounds to fit the dress, but for her own sake.

The lifestyle

Brandi started slowly, eating smaller meals and bringing snacks of vegetables and fruit to work. To avoid running away from the gym, she kept fitness clothes in her car and went straight to the gym after work to do a kickboxing or spinning class and lifting weights.

"There was no room for excuses she says. "I'd done that to myself, and I was determined to undo it!" Brandi reached sixty-one pounds-enough to fit the bridesmaid's dress. In September 2010, she reached her goal weight in time for her own marriage.


The reward

Today, the bridesmaid dress that did not close is two sizes above yours. And in addition to sporting a much leaner silhouette on her own big day, she proudly wore a bikini on her honeymoon in Cancun. "I have more confidence than ever she says, "and much more energy."


Do you believe that Brandi would have the same willpower to lose weight in such a short time to fit the dress? Do you know of a similar story? Comment below!

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