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Targifor C Getting fat?

Caring for the body with good nutrition and exercise is the best way to ensure good health. It is also known that the consumption of supplements offers support for nutrition, and multivitamin supplements are being adopted in order to avoid deficiencies of certain vitamins that are fundamental to the body.

The Benefits of Vitamin C. for health, many people are turning to supplements such as Targifor C, which is one of the most affordable and found in pharmacies. However, much is questioned whether the use of Targifor C is fattening. Check out a little more about the possible results of this supplementation below.

Increased appetite

The questioning of many people whether Targifor C is fattening is justified from the impact of vitamin supplementation on appetite. Let's exemplify: Low levels of vitamin B6 may be associated with decreased levels of serotonin in the brain, which can lead to an increase in appetite, resulting in higher intake of calories. It is worth remembering that if you maintain an inactive rhythm of life, your weight gain is not necessarily linked to supplementation, but to lack of physical exercise and healthy eating. It is worth emphasizing that a low calorie diet does not guarantee weight loss, and dietary restriction can still compromise the delivery of the main nutrients to the body.

The composition

Targifor C is composed of arginine aspartate and vitamin C. It is argued that arginine supplementation may act in support of memorizing and concentrating ability, reducing physical and mental fatigue, a much sought-after effect among those practicing high physical activity intensity. It is common to feel unwell after an intense workout, so the Targifor C can be combined with a pre or post workout shake.

L-Arginine can also be linked to the immune system, and supports vasodilation, which is very much targeted by athletes.

Vitamin C

Research has shown that those who regularly consume vitamins and dietary supplements can maintain a lower weight compared to those who follow an unruly and unfunded diet nutritious. One should analyze the goals, ie whether to lose fat, or maintain it. It is important that there is recognition that Targifor C will not replace the nutrients that natural ascorbic acid C (name given to vitamin C) offers.

Targifor C is a water-soluble vitamin that can support your nutrition but does not take responsibility for it. Vitamin C is necessary for the growth and repair of the tissues of our body. It can aid in the formation of an important protein for the skin, tendons, ligaments and even blood vessels. With regular supply of this vitamin, it becomes easier to heal wounds and healing. The antioxidant function can also help block free radical damage, reducing the effects of aging.

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You must be wondering if the body can not produce vitamin C by itself. The answer is no, and it does not store it, which still requires you to add a daily portion to your diet.

Vitamin C is popularly known as a cold and flu remedy, but it only reduces the impact, not reducing the possibility of occurrence.

Here are some important information about the Targifor C Vitamin Supplement:

Hormones and weight management

To say that Targifor C is fattening is biased, since one of the justifications for the consumption of this supplement is the energetic effect offered. This extra fuel boosts a better performance of the workouts, providing a better caloric burn, since the resistance of the user will rise.

Many people deal with hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to lose weight; so it is important know that Targifor C can support the balance of hormones, providing a better process metabolic.


Targifor C can contribute to men dealing with sexual impotence. Stomach problems can also have reduced impacts with the consumption of this vitamin supplement. The benefits still extend to the urea cycle, also contributing to nitrogen balance.

For those wishing hypertrophy, it is said that this vitamin supplement can support the Krebs cycle, which covers the action of creatinine, important in anabolism.

Due to healing support, L-arginine optimizes wound healing as it contains L-proline, which is very functional in repairing connective tissue and inflammation. As already seen, the amino acids contained in Targifor C can slow aging, and if administered in correct dosages, can deliver significant results.

There are recommendations of Targifor C for the control and treatment of myocardium, ischemia, diabetes, metabolic disorders, neuritis, and even reflux.


Whether or not it is confirmed that Targifor C is fattening, the supplement is contraindicated for pregnant women and women who are breast feeding. People dealing with pressure problems and diabetes should seek guidance for their consumption, as their effects may have consequences for these conditions.


Do you know anyone who uses and claims that supplementation with Targifor C gets fat? Do you intend to use this supplement for this? Comment below.

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