8 Phytotherapy for Most Effective Weight Loss

They are made from plant extract and are aids in the process of weight loss. Get to know some of the best known and used weight loss herbal remedies for people who are looking for weight reduction.

What are herbal medicines?

Herbal medicines derive from plants that are recognized for their medicinal benefits. It is a medicine that results from medicinal plants that have been industrialized. Unlike many imagine, they are not plants in their raw state. That is, they are not the ones taken from nature and just bagged. They undergo a process of industrialization.

Use of herbal medicines to lose weight

Herbal medicines are used in a number of cases of specific diseases and conditions of health, but they are as aids in weight loss processes that have been widely used.

They can assist in weight loss because they seek to act directly on certain causes of weight gain - such as anxiety, nervousness, hormonal dysfunctions and lazy bowel, among others.

They are being increasingly sought after because they are indicated by doctors in weight management treatments and partly because they are drugs that can be sold without a prescription. However, this does not mean that they can be used without caution and moderation.

Get to know 8 Most Popular Phytotherapies in Brazil

For those considering starting a diet, we selected 8 of the most well-known herbal medicines for weight loss, as well as their properties.

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1. Artichoke

Usually marketed in capsules and tea, the artichoke is a known aid when it comes to dieting diets. Artichoke is diuretic and fights fluid retention, as well as aiding bowel function and inhibiting hunger. It also helps fight anemia and lower cholesterol.

2. Spirulina

Spirulina is an antioxidant and in weight loss diets it helps to give satiety. It also helps reduce cholesterol build-up and is rich in calcium, iron and beta-carotene.

3. Green tea

Green tea works by helping in burning fat, controlling cholesterol and accelerating metabolism. Bringing satiety, helping in digestion and lowering bad cholesterol rates are also some of its benefits. Moderate use is only recommended during the night, especially for those who have tendencies to insomnia problems, since green tea is a stimulant drink.

4. Cascara sagrada

When not used alone, in the form of tea or capsule, it is often part of combinations in manipulation formulas for treatments to lose weight. It has a laxative effect and is the only phytotherapeutic used for this purpose that does not present side effects like abdominal pain. However, it should be used fairly moderately, as it has some contraindications, such as patients with nausea, vomiting, dehydration and abdominal pain.

5. Asian Centella

A well-known herbal remedy that helps in the fight against cellulite, besides being diuretic, soothing and an aid to normalize the circulation. As if that were not enough, it works on localized fat and helps control body swelling due to fluid retention. With all these attributes, it ends up promoting weight loss. It is one of the most consumed herbal remedies for weight loss in Brazil.

6. Porangaba

Also known as bog-tea, her herbal remedy is called Pholia Magra. It is widely used in diets for weight loss because it is diuretic, decreases appetite, helps reduce fat deposits in the arteries, increases energy and improves circulation. It should also be used sparingly as it contains caffeine and is stimulant.

7. Advantra Z

Herbal medicine made from bitter orange extract, and is also known as citrus aurantium. Studies show that some of its components accelerate metabolism and promote increased calorie expenditure, which results in fat burning. It is one of the herbal medicines considered free from serious side effects.

8. Garcinia Cambojia

Fruit extract is used as a powerful aid in reducing and controlling excess weight. In the skin of the fruit is a component known as hydroxycitric acid - or AHC, which has agents that help block fat and help in moderating appetite. Diabetics should exercise caution when using this herbal remedy. You can find the herbal medicine in the form of capsules.

It is very important to remember that herbal medicines alone do not bring the benefits to weight loss. It is an auxiliary treatment and part of a program that includes a healthy and balanced diet, as well as the practice of regular physical exercises. It can not be accomplished by miracles, with drastic results. The weight loss process is a combination of several features and requires patience as the results in most sometimes take some time to appear, especially in older people or people with overweight.

Another point to be considered is that some herbal medicines for weight loss have no proof that they are effective in reducing weight. As said throughout the article, they are ancillary, and the vast majority combat symptoms that will reflect on weight loss.

People sensitive to caffeine, hypertensive and diabetic people should exercise caution when using herbal medicines. Like any other medicine, although they are made from natural plants, they can health problems, so the follow-up and indication by doctors is always advisable.


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