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What are the benefits of granola to health? Look here.


Anmix of grains, cereals, dried fruits and oilseeds: this is the composition of granola, a food very popular by Brazilians, seen as aally for those who seek a healthier and more balanced diet.


The type of granola you choose interferes with the results of your diet, but it is true that the simple fact ofadopting it in your daily life already provides numerous benefits.


Want to know which ones? Check here, if there is a better way to consume granola, some delicious tips and other important information!

What is Granola and what are its benefits?

The granola is distinguished by the presence of complex carbohydrates, type of carbohydrate that presents higher glycemic index, considered ideal to adopt in its diet, because it favors the increase of blood glucose, in a slower way.

This alone causes you to have a prolonged feeling of satiety and avoid blood glucose spikes (a danger for those who already have diabetes problems).

The granola still has:

  • Food fibers;
  • Low fat - mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • Minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and selenium;
  • Vitamins, mainly of the B complex.

In addition,granola has a considerable calorific value. In that case, consumption should be part of a healthy diet, not to increase the weight.

See the benefits attached to granola:

  1. Helps in the proper functioning of the intestine;
  2. Offers a sense of satiety;
  3. Helps control blood cholesterol;
  4. Fights free radicals;
  5. Provides a good amount of energy;
  6. It has versatility and can be used in various recipes and combinations;
  7. It fights anemia, because it is rich in iron (in this case we are talking about oats);
  8. It improves the appearance of skin and hair;
  9. Acts in the fight against cancer;
  10. Reduces the incidence of diseases in the digestive system.

Each component that may be part of the granola you choose guarantees numerous benefits for your body, just know how to include granola in the day to day and take advantage of these benefits.

How to consume Granola?

Before you know the best way to consume the granola, remember that it is crucial that you know how to choose the best composition of this food.

You may come across various options and brands, with different elements and in different quantities.What you need to take into consideration is the label, avoiding options that:

  1. Have sugar or other syrups;
  2. They present non-whole grains;
  3. They have flavors and acidulants.

If you want a little shove in weight loss,prefer a light granola version.

By being too versatile,it can be consumed in various ways. The most indicated (and popular) is howfor other foods, such as milk, yogurt and fruit, choosing breakfast and snacks as best times. However, you can also consume the daily serving of granola as an ingredient in cakes, pies and desserts. Just use your imagination!

Another alternative is the cereal bars, but always opting for healthier versions.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),the daily recommendation of granola is 25 grams- which results in about 1 tablespoon of soup.

Does Granola lose weight?

A constant question when it comes to granola is whether this food can lose weight. Actually,there is no food that, alone, favors weight loss. However, if you insert the granola in the diet, according to your daily basic needs and with the practice of physical exercises, it may not only benefit your health, thanks to its nutrients,but also contribute to weight control.

The amount of fibers allows a feeling of satiety, controlling the appetite and avoiding attacks to the refrigerator.

What can also help in fat burning is the presence of minerals, which detoxify the body, making the cells function well, increasing metabolism.

To balance the quantity and frequency of consumption, what about betting on these combination tips?

  • Mix granola over a salad leaf;
  • Add in soups or cream of vegetables, preferably pricing for the version without fruit or sugar in the composition;
  • Use as a topping for dessert ice cream after breakfast;
  • Beat in the blender along with the ingredients of your choice, to make a vitamin, a juice or asmoothie;
  • Sprinkle on the fruit salad;
  • Stuff a sandwich with salad, cheese, ham,cream cheeseand, above all else, put a handful of granola;
  • Mix to the mass of your next recipe or sprinkle as a topping.

Did you like these inspirations? The granola is thatmixwhich can do a lot for your health. Any questions, talk to a nutritionist!