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How Much Exercise Does It Take to Slow Aging?

Imagine if every time you left the gym after training, you were not only sweaty and stronger but also a little younger.

It happens that30 minutes of heart pumping per daycan actually slow down aging. According to a new study byPreventative Medicine, people who exercised frequently showed that they had biological markers of aging that appeared up to 9 years younger than those who were less active. The more people performed vigorous exercises, the slower their cells seemed to age.

The study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, collected DNA samples and analyzed the length of telomeres (markers of aging and general health) in , 00 adults. Telomeres become shorter with age, and researchers have found that telomeres in people who exercised frequently were significantly longer than those sedentary.

So how much exercise do you really need to do to slow down your aging process?

To qualify as a "top level exerciser People in the study had to complete at least 30-40 minutes of running a day, five days a week.

"Moderate exercise is still valuable and had some benefit, but it really was the high levels of physical activity that made the real difference, "said Larry Tucker, the author of the study, professor of exercise science at Brigham & Young.

And he says that the link between physical activity and cellular aging is not evident, since the length of the telomers may be associated with inflammation and oxidative stress - and exercise helps control both time.

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"We all know people who look younger than their actual age says Tucker. "We know that exercise can help with this, and now we know that part of it may be due to its effect on our telomeres."


Do you usually practice how many minutes of daily exercise? Do you think you need to improve this to slow down aging? Comment below!

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