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What To Eat To Strengthen Nails

Although many women have at home and use a good amount of skin and hair products on a daily basis, some women tend to forget about nail care. We clawed, scratched, scratched and touched our nails in countless things without even realizing it. Therefore, it is important to keep them strong.

In addition, we know that not all of us can afford a regular manicure and pedicure session, but you can take the reins of the situation and begin to incorporate foods that strengthen the nails in your diet regular. Here's what you should eat to strengthen your nails:


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Regularly eat almonds, nuts and other family foods that contain a substantial amount of omega-3. Almonds are probably the best choice as they contain the highest amount of vitamin E, magnesium and calcium compared to the rest of the other nuts. These minerals will help strengthen the nails and bones, which in turn will prevent your nails from breaking.


Salmon dish

Salmon is certainly one of the healthiest animal meats. It contains a lot of vitamin D, which is found in liver and fish oils, and is an essential vitamin that helps in the absorption of calcium. This increased absorption of calcium means that salmon can help stimulate bone growth and increase nail strength. So instead of opting for red meat at lunch, choose salmon for a healthy change.


Greek yogurt

Forget the yogurt flavored with flavors that you took in childhood and choose the Greek yogurt without sugar. This is because, if chosen correctly, yogurt contains the important minerals for strengthening nails: protein, biotin, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamin D. The best part of this is that the yogurt is so versatile that you can consume it in a variety of ways so you never get sick of it.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Beans, broccoli, bananas and cauliflower will be your best friends to strengthen your nails. These foods contain high amounts of protein and biotin, which support the production of keratin - the protein that helps form hair and nails.

Biotin helps to produce keratin, which helps strengthen weak nails. It is also important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to help moisturize your nails, keeping them shiny and healthy.

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Boiled egg

Want a vegetarian (and not vegan!) Alternative to salmon? Try eggs. Like salmon, eggs are high in protein and vitamin D and are also a great source of biotin. If that is not enough motivation for you, protein-rich foods, such as eggs, can help you lose weight by keeping you satisfied for longer.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed

In addition to being a perfect snack for long trips or early morning study sessions, these small, healthy snacks are powerful with large amounts of minerals and nutrients. For your nails specifically, the sunflower seeds contain a lot of magnesium, which encourages the formation of continuous growth of the nails. Try to sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your meals and salads for a boost of flavor and health.

These foods are certainly not quick fixes - it's important to know that you should eat them regularly to see the results. After a while, you'll be looking for some excuse to show your nails to your friends.


Do you intend to increase the intake of these foods from the list to strengthen the nails? Do you often watch them regularly? Comment below!

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