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Lack of Appetite in Pregnancy is Normal?

Gestation is a very special, delicate and full of changes in the life of any woman. It requires various care, after all it carries the beginning of the development of a life inside your belly.

Therefore, it is necessary for her, her companion and her family to be attentive to all the signs and symptoms experienced throughout the pregnancy to ensure that everything goes well until the day of the child to arrive.

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Does the lack of appetite in pregnancy is normal?

During gestation, the woman goes through a series of changes: her hormone levels go up, her body changes from shape, weight, and proportion, your blood volume increases, and your body as a whole works harder to provide only the needs of the pregnant woman, but also those of her baby, informed the master in chemistry and doctor in bio-organic chemistry Kristin Hendrickson.

Throughout this period, one of the symptoms that may draw the attention of the future mother and her relatives is the lack of hunger during pregnancy. Can we consider that lack of appetite in pregnancy is normal? Or is this a sign that something may be wrong with the expectant mother and / or her baby? Also because in addition to nourishing her own body during the period, the woman also needs to feed her baby, which is being formed in her womb.

Hendrickson said that loss of appetite can happen at any time during gestation for many women and that this is one of the first symptoms.

According to the doctor in bio-organic chemistry, most women feel unmotivated about foods that were once their favorites during the first semester of gestation, and many find it difficult to keep food in the stomach, in addition to not wanting to eat anything that might induce nausea.

In addition to nausea, which decreases the urge to eat, nausea and vomiting that can affect a woman in pregnancy can also make her lose her appetite.

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Hendrickson also reported that in the bookWhat You Did not Think To Ask Your Obstetrician(What You Did not Think To Ask Your Obstetrician, free translation), the obstetrician and gynecologist Raymond Poliakin points out that many of the symptoms common in the first semester of gestation do not recur in the second, returning only in the third pregnancy.

However, even in the second half of the year there is a general slowdown in the digestive system of the due to increased pressure of the uterus in the large intestine, which results from decreased appetite and belly

In the third semester of pregnancy, women may not have much appetite because of the size of the already large baby, who pushes against the mother's stomach, decreasing her ability and making it difficult to take more than a few bites at a time, she added. Hendrickson.

In addition, Hendrickson explained that, during gestation, some women may suffer from intestinal gas because of the retardation of the digestive tract, which can cause the woman to feel her stomach full and dilated

According to her, for Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel, authors of the bookWhat to Expect When You're Expecting(What to Expect When You're Waiting, free translation), the sphincter (muscle) of the upper stomach relaxes during pregnancy, which results in stomach acidity being a common problem in the second and third gestation.

Because eating generally worsens the discomfort of heartburn, some women may not feel like eating to avoid suffering from heartburn symptoms, Hendrickson said.

Moreover, stresses of a physical, mental, emotional and / or hormonal order may be justifications for the fact that a pregnant woman does not want to eat.

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So what to do?

We have seen that lack of appetite in pregnancy is normal and can happen at different periods of gestation. But then, what do you do to counter the problem? After all, the future mother can not go without eating, since she needs to nurture herself and her baby.

First of all, it is essential to always count on the doctor's supervision, starting from the discovery of the pregnancy. Thus, if the pregnant woman has to face the issue of lack of appetite, she can turn to the doctor, who can identify the cause of the problem and guide her correctly about how she can do to nurture herself and her baby, even if she feels hunger.

This professional accompaniment is essential because, even if the woman can not stop feeding herself, for her well and your baby, forcing the act of eating can make it go wrong, putting the food ingested out. With medical advice, she will know how to eat without going bad or stop feeding her baby.

Speaking of this, we have emphasized here that it is necessary to sit down with the doctor at the beginning of gestation to define how feeding should occur throughout the entire period of gestation and breastfeeding, specifying the quantity of meals, which foods can and can not be consumed, which nutrients need to be boosted in the diet, among other aspects of the ideal regime of the future mom.

Dr. Miriam Stoppard wrote in her bookConception, Pregnancy and Birth(Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, free translation) that one of the tactics that the pregnant woman can use when facing the lack of appetite is to make small and frequent meals.

This prevents the stomach from becoming too full, helping to prevent nausea, and reduces acid reflux.

In cases of women with a severe loss of appetite, doctors may prescribe supplements like vitamins to prevent deficiencies from occurring. However, this must be defined by the doctor. Self-medication, even with supplements, should be rejected.


Did you already know that lack of appetite in pregnancy is normal? Did you feel it during your gestation? Comment below what you did to get around it!

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