How is a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

There are many people who are happy to lose weight the way they have planned, but there are reducing the percentage of fat can cause other discomforts that result in reduced self-esteem and even insecurity.

Our body often does not react so well to the range of measurements, and several consequences can occur. It was exactly on the basis of what the abdominoplasty surgery was created. The procedure can reduce several evidences of high weight loss, and benefit several people who seek to feel more beautiful and confident. It is interesting to know how it works and for which cases abdominoplasty surgery is assertions among aesthetic procedures that are quite biased and erroneous.

What is?

Abdominoplasty surgery aims at flattening the abdomen, it removes excess fat and skin, which highlights the abdominal wall and stresses the muscles. It is not a major surgery, and do not think it is the same method used in liposuction. In fact, you can even choose to join the two procedures, which offers a better identification of the benefits offered by abdominoplasty.

It is indicated for men and women, and we can even highlight that women who have had several pregnancies can recognize the procedure, because they suffered greater body variations, especially in the abdominal region, to which it is subjected in this surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery is also sought by those who have lost high amount of weight and still possess deposits of fat and excess skin in the abdominal region.

Who Should Not Undergo Abdominoplasty Surgery?

If you want to get pregnant, it is crucial that you postpone abdominoplasty and only undergo this one after gestation. In surgery, the vertical muscles are tight, and these can "separate" during pregnancy, which would not be worth it, since it would revert all the benefit offered by the surgery.

If you still want to lose a lot of weight, it is critical that you wait a little longer to choose the right time to perform abdominoplasty. This procedure should be the last resource to be used and recognized for weight loss, because if you lose more weight after performing abdominoplasty, the likelihood of sagging will not be low.

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There is the possibility of scars after abdominoplasty, so it is crucial that you choose a reliable doctor and that you clarify all the information. These scars can arise according to the individual reaction of each organism.

How to prepare for the procedure?

It is crucial that you periodically research and consult with the surgeon. These meetings are indispensable for the clarification and knowledge of personal goals.

The doctor should ask if you smoke, he will probably recommend that you stop this habit at least two weeks before the day of the surgery. Reducing smoking after surgery may also prevent future complications and contribute to better recovery.

Types of abdominoplasty:

  • Complete abdominoplasty:The surgeon performs a cut in the region of the iliac bone where it circumvents the skin, muscle and tissue of the region, aiming at the need of each. This surgery requires a navel re-adaptation and may require the use of drainage tubes under the skin for a few days. This surgery can last up to five hours.
  • Mini or partial abdominoplasty:These mini tummy tucks are often performed on people who have fat deposits located in the region below the navel. In this procedure, you may or may not need to readjust the navel. The surgery can last for about two hours.


  • Do not take a restricted diet before surgery. It is crucial that you keep your body functioning balanced. For this, you should opt for complete meals and that contribute to the complete nutrition of your body.
  • Keep your doctor informed about everything you eat, from food to medicines and supplements, since it can instruct you to take (or not) the correct medicines in the post-surgery.
  • Ice cubes can aid in the recovery of abdominoplasty surgery.
  • Try to wear comfortable, loose clothing that does not compress the abdominal area after surgery.
  • It is important to clarify all personal characteristics, mainly to avoid consequences regarding the application of general anesthesia.
  • If you live alone, you should seek follow-up, at least for the first two nights after surgery, just for the sake of safety.
  • Make no mistake, it is crucial that you feel safe to expose your thoughts and even expose new proposals to your doctor.


Abdominal pain and swelling may occur after abdominoplasty surgery. The doctor may prescribe medications to reduce these discomforts, so that you deal better with the pain. Healing also requires careful attention. Numbness, bruising, and tiredness may also be common during the recovery period.

As well as several others, abdominoplasty surgery can offer risks. They are rare, but they can occur. Among them, we can highlight infections and bleeding. These complications may be more likely in cases of poor circulation, diabetes and heart, lung and liver disease.

The abdominoplasty leaves scars, which can usually fade away, but never completely disappeared. Surgeons may recommend specific creams and ointments for better healing. Submission to a repair surgery is not ruled out.

After abdominoplasty surgery, the region will be bandaged. It is essential to follow the instructions for care and dressings. The bandage used should be firm and suitable for a safe cure. The doctor will also advise you to feel more comfortable when sitting and lying down, thus reducing the possibility of pain.

Rest is key in the first six weeks after the procedure. It is recommended that you leave the job for at least 30 days, thus devoting yourself to recovery.

Conquered weight maintenance

Abdominoplasty surgery can offer fantastic results, but you must recognize that the permanence of the appearance gained will depend only on your dedication. That is why it is vital that you adopt a healthy routine, so that you will feel healthy and have good self-esteem permanently.


Do you think about performing abdominoplasty surgery? Because? Do you believe that it is the best outlet for your weight loss? Comment below.

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