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Boy Loses 40 Kg After Being Diagnosed With Pre-diabetes and Risk of Hypertension

Count to 10. This is the tip of João Pessoa Paraibano, 17, Heitor Marinho da Silva Araujo, who managed to eliminate 40 kg, for those who are trying to lose weight and need to dribble anxiety.

At age 15, Heitor already had problems that do not seem to be very typical for a boy his age: he weighed more than 110 kg, had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, risk of hypertension and its rate of uric acid was high - a problem that can cause arthritis in the joints, especially in the limbs lower.

As he grew up in a family that did not care about healthy eating and could not eat a little, he food, which was full of fried food, sweets, soda and hot dogs, developed a pattern of obesity and suffered from the debauchery of colleagues. "Every day I had a joke about my weight at school. I think it got a bit messy because I was a bit shy, "he said.

Before making a real change, Hector even went to the gym and exercised at school, but he was not careful to have a balanced diet. "I thought about exercising so I could go back home and eat he said.

Moreover, whenever he could lose a little weight and received praise on account of this, the Paraibano thought that he had done enough, returned to eat and became even more fat.

Until in October of 2013, the boy had a scare, having a bleeding in the nose. It was a vein that had dilated and the fact had not even happened because of the excess weight, however, even so the doctor said that he should lose weight.

That's where things started to change. First, he cut oil and soda from the feed. After two months without medical follow-up, he and his family consulted with a nutritionist and an endocrinologist and the whole house menu underwent major changes.

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With no room for bullshit, they started grilling with salad, brown rice, sweet potato, yam and cassava.

But Hector was not content with just improving his diet. The teenager began attending the gym three times a week and walking back from school. As time passed, he increased his trips, working out five days a week, and taking muay thai classes three times a week.

The result was that the boy lost 40 kg - today his weight is 70 kg - he changed the number of pants from 48 to 40 and from GG t-shirts to M, and what was once a change became a habit in one life: "Today I am 70 kg and I can not eat the way I used to eat before said.


In addition, he saw not only the difference in the body, but also in social life, which is currently quite busy. Before, he never went out with his friends, but today he organizes the tours. And it guarantees to do things without being afraid to listen to jokes about your weight.

Satisfied with the pounds he lost, now the boy's focus is to gain muscle.

Change happened to the whole family.

Although with his 40 kg eliminated Hector was the weight loss champion of the family, the change in the menu of the house hit the whole family. The twin brother lost 20 kg, as did his other brother and his mother, who is 10 kg leaner.


Have you ever had a similar situation when you were diagnosed with any health complications due to being overweight? Did you lose weight after that? Comment below.

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