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Get to Know 4 Different Ways to Get in Shape

If there is a market that does not stop to offer new products to its consumers, this is the fitness world. Whether it is to attract new practitioners or further enhance the practice of physical exercise by loyalty, options of the most diverse types are what is not lacking for those who want to lose weight, maintain fitness and take care of the Cheers.

So if you like innovations right up to your workout, be sure to check out our list with five different ways to stay in shape:

1. Fitness Ballet

Created 22 years ago by the former dancer and teacher Betina Dantas, the modality mixes the classical steps of the ballet with typical workouts like squats, crunches and abs, accompanied by the sound of music animated

In addition to burning from 790 to 1500 calories in more advanced level exercises, the promise is that fitness ballet also brings others benefits such as improved posture, flexibility, breathing, agility, abdominal strength, balance and alignment of the body.

Betina, who invented the sport after suffering a knee injury and being unable to use the shoe of tips of the ballet, guarantees that it is not necessary to be expert in the classic dance to be able to follow the lessons. According to her, those who already have knowledge of dance can follow the movements more quickly, but this does not hurt the other participants.

2. High intensity interval training

Intense racing

Quite popular in the United States, so much so that it was considered the number one fitness trend by the American Association of Sports Medicine (American College of Sports Medicine), so-called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are made for those looking for fast weight loss, muscle mass gain and fat percentage reduction.

The method, which was developed by athletic coaches to improve the performance of their athletes, intercalates high intensity aerobic exercises with lighter weight training or rest periods total.

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3. Crossfit


The main mode of High Speed ​​Interval Training, crossfit is a strength training program that seeks to improve resistance, flexibility, strength, power, agility, balance, accuracy and coordination.

Used in the preparation of agents in police academies and in training of athletes, crossfit can also be practiced by people of various ages.

It brings rowing, jumping, rope climbing, weight lifting and gym activities, gymnastics, dumbbells, boxes and even PVC pipes.

4. Rowing at the gym


Ever thought about paddling without being in the water? Well, that's the idea behind rowing in the gym - or indoor rowing - as it's also called. It is a device that simulates the movements of the paddle in the water and that can be used inside even a gym.

The promise is that you can eliminate around 600 calories in an hour, thus improving physical fitness.

5. MMA for women


The training developed by MMA brothers Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogério Minotouro is also called Ladies Camp. It is geared towards women and consists of exercises based on fights like MMA, boxing and martial arts, through functional and military training, which work the muscles of the gluteus, abdomen and region low back.

The training program offers the participants consultation with nutritionist, fat percentage analysis and diet follow-up.


Which of these activities most caught your attention? Do you know any of them, have you practiced? Comment below!

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