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What Happens to Your Body If You Spend the Weekend Stare

You've had a week of those, exhausting. All you think about this weekend is lying all day on the couch, canceling all your plans, sleeping late and watching television 24 hours a day? We've all probably gone through this.

And it feels good to be cozy at home and rest. Who among us does not dream of such a day? But if there's an annoying little voice in your head that says it might not be so good for you, that voice may actually be right after all.

On the one hand, hiding from the world can keep us from being our happiest self. We need other people to be happy, informs NBC - in fact, "according to biology, neuroscience, psychology and more, our bodies actually tend to work better when we are not alone. "

But beyond the impact of being alone, there are the repercussions of not moving enough when you spending weekends lying on the couch in the TV room doing that series marathon, one after the another. What will be the physical cost of all this?

Jacqueline Limberg, Ph.D., assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, where they have done some research on what happens in our bodies when we are sedentary, spoke about the subject matter. Another university professor also specializes in the subject itself. And there are some bad news.

The Science Behind Your Sedentary Weekends

Limberg and his colleagues caused some people to go to the laboratory for experiments, where they stayed for three hours. The participants stood, lying on their sides or sitting while they wiggled their legs. The researchers then evaluated the health of blood vessels.

Sitting or lying down, participants showed "significantly less" blood flow, Limberg says. How low? Almost at the level of someone who is at higher cardiovascular risk.

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The function of the veins decreased four percentage points after three hours, says Limberg. That does not seem to be a lot, but in deeper studies, she says, it was realized that a mere 1 percentage point drop increases the risk of a heart attack by 13%. Yes, even if you are healthy and fit.

How to balance your rest weekend

There's good news. You can avoid this by doing 45 minutes of exercise, from light to hard, you can avoid dangerous reduction. So maybe going out and taking the dog for a walk, or practicing a little yoga, is good for you.

By that matter, even shaking your leg the entire time you are resting makes the blood flow (although it is super annoying to the other person on the couch).

But there is also the risk of diabetes. Another study at the University found that when people restrict their physical activity for three days, they increase insulin sensitivity - their risk of diabetes. And just going back to normal activity for a day does not bring it back right away. So if you spend your three-day weekend watching all the episodes of your new favorite series and re-exercising on Monday, this is not good at all.

You may not yet be ready to cancel your Netflix subscription (and do not even have to), but after reading Limberg's teachings, will certainly seek to do more exercises every day and at least get up from the couch between the episodes to take a walk in the house, because no?


Do you usually stay the 3 days of the weekend without practically doing any physical exercise? Do you want to change that, knowing the wrongs now? Comment below!

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