10 Tips from Bella Falconi to Lose Belly

Bella Falconi and her tips for losing her belly are known because of one thing: they really work out! There are thousands of thanks in her social networks. What seemed to be a lie today is reality thanks to Falconi, which often provides tips for people to lose their belly in a short time. Get to know 10 exclusive Bella Falconi tips and start losing your belly that bothers you.

Feeding: Bella Falconi Tips to Lose Belly

Bella Falconi herself said that only after changing her eating habits did she achieve her dream of having one of Brazil's most beloved tummies. In addition to eating only foods low in fat, it abolished elements such as soft drinks and sweets. Nowadays, it has only 9% body fat, as well as having a way to cause envy.


Among the main tips to lose the belly of Bela Falconi is the highlight of the abdomen. She performed her own routine that is applied four times a day. Performing localized exercises to work the abdomen brings quick results. Falconi indicates that after the abdomen gets hard, carrying out any exercise will be less complicated. However, to follow the tips of your workout you have to have the bare minimum when applying physical activities. Those who have not exercised for some time must begin lightly in the training of Bela Falconi.

Abdominal Lateral

Perform this exercise with the body lying down. Leave your legs apart, at the same time as your hips. Contract the abdomen slowly and hold your buttocks firm, making sure you are doing the procedures correctly. Otherwise, the effectiveness of this physical exercise will be put in check.

In each of the hands there must be a halter. Keep your arms outstretched. Now the time has come for maximum attention, that is, to flex the body to any side, until the dumbbell is close to the limit of the knees. Then return to the starting position. Inhale on the ascent and exhale on the descents.

Abdominal 45 Degrees

In this exercise it is also necessary to use dumbbells. Lie down and with one hand grasp the halter firmly; be sure to catch with the arm extended from the back, the side should remain the other arm. Without the help of either hand, try to climb the torso, always with the maximum attention when forcing the abdomen. When you have your body close to the ground, stop for a few moments before touching the ground. Bela Falconi indicates 15 times for each side: 3 sets with 10 movements.

Bicycle on the Ground

Another of the tips to lose the belly, granted by Bella Falconi, is the bicycle in the ground. When forming an angle of approximately 90 degrees, remain with your legs flexed and together to begin this exercise. Remain with your hands on the back of the head. Toward the opposite side of the elbow, try to raise either knee just as the other leg extends. Make the move on the other side. Perform 15 times, 3 sets of 10.

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Determination and Patience

Perhaps the main of Bella Falconi's tips for slimming is determination and patience. The determined person needs to make the diet healthy, wake up early, and train hard. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to achieve the dream of having a small tummy.

As far as patience is concerned, it is necessary to wait for the results, which do not arise from day to night. Never make extreme sacrifices. A little each day, in a balanced way, is better than the exaggeration. It is important to note that the first results are internal, that is, they are out of sight in the first few weeks.

End of Carbohydrate?

According to Bella Falconi, to lose her belly she did not abolish the carbohydrate in her diet. In practice, only balanced nutrition and exercise are two key aspects to losing weight, says Falconi. In this sense, it clearly indicates that you do not need to be hungry. Experts agree by stating that lack of food slows metabolism, giving them greater chances of gaining weight.

Stop Apologizing

In modern times, lack of time is a great excuse for people not to get in shape. For Bella Falconi, laziness is the main cause. The muse spends a maximum of 2 hours a day at the gym. Nowadays, there are gyms that are open 24 hours a day, ideal for those who want to work out in different periods because of the lack of time.

Best Practice Time

Falconi says steadily, in interviews he gives in the specialist press, which he usually trains early in the morning, at the moment the metabolism is energetic, with maximum acceleration. However, she makes a point of saying that the schedule does not interfere with the training, that is, people who can achieve great performance at night should continue with the custom.

Drink Water Constantly

Drinking water steadily undoubtedly can help in the process of slimming, because a better work of the organism occurs, in the kidneys, in the intestine and process of digestion. Wherever it is, and not just in training, this consumption must occur frequently. Do not stay for more than 2 hours without drinking water while you are awake.


Did you already know Bella Falconi? Does she have it as an inspiration to exercise and have a sculptural body? Who are your inspirations? Comment below!

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