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Optimum Nutrition - Supplements, Evaluation, Where to Buy and More

Those who train hard know that as important as dedicating to training and maintaining a balanced diet, is to make use of appropriate supplements. And with hundreds of products for athletes on the market, it's sometimes hard to choose the best brand to help you achieve your goal, whether it's gaining muscle or burning fat.

And while it is true that there are many good brands in the universe of sports nutrition, we can say that few have managed to reach the level of quality and recognition of Optimum Nutrition.

Responsible for the production of dozens of supplements for sports nutrition, ON, as the North American brand is known, has already developed some of the main supplements in the market.

Certainly the most famous among them is the Whey 100% Gold Standard, considered today the best Whey protein in the world and also considered as a sales champion of the company.

For those who already use branded supplements, or for those who are starting now in the universe of sports supplementation, we have gathered some information about the Optimum Nutrition to help you learn more about the history behind your favorite products, or to decide on the quality and company.


Optimum Nutrition, Inc., or ON, is a subsidiary of Glanbia, an international conglomerate involved in the production of cheese and ingredients for food supplements.

The company was founded in 1986 in response to a demand for better quality nutritional supplements. ON is also known for its innovation, pioneering the production of powdered casein, and also the first company to offer fully micellar casein powder.

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The market dominance of Optimum Nutrition in the line of sports supplements can also be observed through the success of Gold Standard 100% Whey, the best selling whey protein in the world.

Currently ON operates factories and research centers in three US states, and is the only sports nutrition company to manufacture products in all categories. They are cereal bars, isotonic, multivitamins, protein shakes and many other products known world wide by the high standard of quality Optimum Nutrition.

All three ON plants are registered and audited by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conform to good manufacturing practices determined by the US government. For consumers, this means that all products should have the expected flavor and good solubility, in addition, of course, to actually present all the listed on the labels (it is not uncommon for companies to put a lower concentration of nutrients in the formula than they claim in the label).

Top Supplements

As they are imported, some of the Optimum Nutrition supplements can arrive in Brazil at a price that is somewhat salty. Although some products have similar counterparts in the domestic market (such as Tribulus Terrestris and linseed oil), others find no competition in terms of price and quality. Among them the most obvious example is the 100% Whey, which although expensive, usually compensates the higher expense.

See what are the main supplements of Optimum Nutrition that you can buy in specialized stores or through the internet:

1. Whey 100% Gold Standard


You'll hardly find anyone talking badly about Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey. With an average grade of 9.2 (out of a total of 10), 100% Whey is considered tasty, easy to take and really efficient.

Like all other whey proteins on the market, Whey 100% of ON is a protein extracted from whey, being indicated for those who are looking for definition and muscular hypertrophy. What differentiates Whey 100% from competitors is the fact that the supplement has high biological value proteins that are rapidly absorbed by the organism, in addition to also contain in its formulation a good concentration of branched-chain amino acids, the BCAA's. There are 5 g of amino acids per dose, plus another 4 g of glutamine.

One of the benefits of 100% Whey is that it contains virtually no lactose and uses the whey protein alone as the primary source of protein, the most pure form of whey protein we have available. Another differential that makes Whey 100% the favorite protein supplement of most is its high protein concentration: it's 24 grams per serving.

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Check out some of the online reviews for Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey:

  • "This is one of the best supplements at our disposal. The ingredients are really good, the macro nutrients are in the right amount and the taste is fantastic. I would recommend the product to anyone ".
  • "I can say that this product is excellent and I certainly recommend it. 100% Whey comes at a great price when compared to similar proteins on the market. I've been using the supplement for years and I've got great results. "
  • "Of all the proteins I've ever taken, the 100% Whey is shot the best. When I am in the cutting phase I can take it because it contains few calories per serving. Already in the period of bulking I use two scoops to make delicious milk chocolate. My grade is 10 and I will continue to buy the product. "
  • "I use 100% Whey twice a day and it has helped me get a better post-workout recovery. I also have more energy to do my activities throughout the day. "
  • "I bought the product to try and was frustrated with the texture and taste. The taste of chocolate is very weak and I need to put a lot of sweetener to stay palatable ".

2. Essential AmiN.O. Energy


Optimum Nutrition's Essential Amino Energy combines a potent absorption amino acid ratio natural energetic and other Nitric Oxide enhancers (ON, or NO in English). Among them are BCAA's for muscle strengthening and arginine to assist in increasing vascular pumping.

In addition to accelerating muscle recovery, Amino Energy still contains caffeine, which ensures extra energy during workouts and allows slowing down the onset of fatigue. With only 10 calories per serving, Amino Energy may be a good choice for anyone who is looking to gain muscle without increasing their body fat level.

- Assessments

See some of the online evaluations for Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy:

  • "This product gave me the exact amount of energy I needed to do my best in training. I have been using Amino for two months and have noticed that I can do more repetitions at smaller intervals on the days when I use the supplement. The taste is also great without being overly sweet. "
  • "It's a good source of energy for more intense workouts, but the amount of BCAA's is poor in relation to other specific products for amino acid supplementation. The flavors are great, but you can find other BCAA's more powerful and more in mind. "
  • "Amino Energy dissolves quickly and tastes great. I usually use 2 scoops in a 750 ml bottle of water, which is enough to give me energy to increase the intensity of the workout. "
  • "I bought the taste of Strawberry Lime and was surprised by the good solubility and pleasant aroma. I usually use 1 or 2 scoops per day in the pre-workout. My only observation is that the product contains caffeine equivalent to one or two cups of coffee, and sometimes it also makes you want to go to the bathroom right after your workout. "

3. Opti-Men


Even with a diet rich in vegetables and veggies, those who train with a lot of intensity may need a good multivitamin to replenish losses and obtain nutrients for muscle cells to initiate the regeneration process and hypertrophy.

And although both sexes need to do this replacement, the needs of each of them are slightly different, thanks in part to the hormonal question. And it was thinking of this difference that Optimum Nutrition developed a product specifically for the male audience: the Opti-Men.

We can say that Opti Men is considered one of the best multivitamins on the market thanks to the presence of 75 active ingredients and essential nutrients in a single tablet. These are five high-performance blends that promote muscle growth, fight free radicals, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and further enhance virility.

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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Online Multivitamin Reviews:

  • "Excellent product. I used the multivitamin from another brand that was also very good, but this one from ON is even better. I like Opti-Men mainly because it gives me energy in the afternoon and keeps my urine always yellow (I take 3 tablets a day). "
  • "Honestly, after so many years of experimenting with dozens of multivitamins on the market, Opti-Men is the only one that worked and never caused me any stomach pain."
  • "I've tried countless multivitamins and this is certainly the best."
  • "I do not think there's a better multivitamin on the market. Excellent amount of nutrients at a great price. "

4. Casein 100% Gold Standard


Like Whey, casein is also a high biological value protein extracted from whey. Unlike whey, however, it is a slow absorption protein, meaning after consumption the amino acids are released slowly into the bloodstream. This means that casein assists in the prevention of muscle catabolism and is best suited for post-training and pre-bedtime use.

What Optimum Nutrition did was to improve even slower digestion casein called micellar casein. According to the company, micellar casein ON has an absorption time almost twice as high as that of amino acids, which ensures the availability of proteins for a longer period of time to avoid catabolism.

Each 32 grams portion of 100% Gold Standard casein has 24 grams of micellar casein, plus another 5 grams of BCAA's and glutamine. These characteristics make ON micellar casein one of the most complete and best-selling on the market.

- Assessments

See some reviews posted online for Optimum Nutrition's 100% Gold Standard Casein:

  • "Excellent source of protein to consume at night when you hit that hunger before bed."
  • "I love this source of casein. The taste is great and I feel that my body was properly stocked at night. "
  • "Very tasty and efficient for gaining muscle mass. I love the creaminess and I find the taste fantastic. "
  • "The taste is good and the powder dissolves well, although it is too thick."

Sponsored athletes


Optimum Nutrition is known for sponsoring athletes of diverse modalities around the world, supporting even those who never got to participate in a competition of bodybuilding. One of the objectives of ON is to advertise the brand through "ordinary" people, who are every day in the gym and are more accessible to ask questions about the company's product line.

There are more than a hundred ON representatives around the world, nearly half of them in the United States. Names like Steve Cook, Kate Osman, Bryan Pazdzierz, Marvin Montgomery and Tiffany Upshaw help spread the brand around the world.

And Optimum Nutrition also sponsors Brazilian athletes in two projects, Team Optimum Nutrition Brazil and True Strength Brazil. Of the first team, are the bodybuilders Leandro Chen, Márcio Vieira, Diego Montenegro, Flavia Baraky, Kamylla Lopes, Gustavo Rodrigues, Rafael Ferreira, Ursula Randow, Kirley Suênia, Danielle Bueno, Letícia Rapucci, Giovanna Faria, the volleyball player Henrique Zech and the jiu-jitsu fighter Eduardo Santoro.

The bodybuilders Eduardo Monteiro, Fernanda Rezende, Marcelo Prado, and the runner Sylvia Pozzobon are part of True Strength Brazil, whose objective is to prepare the athletes to be part of Team Optimum in the future Nutrition.


  • The company was founded for two sports brothers, Mike and Tony Costello, who were tired of the poor quality of nutritional supplements of the 80's;
  • Every year Optimum Nutrition has made selective to choose new athletes to be part of its team of disclosure. If you are firm and interested in dedicating yourself to the area, keep an eye on the official website of the company to know the dates and the prerequisites to participate in the selective;
  • Did you know that you can make a delicious caramel popcorn using 100% Whey? Just pop half a cup of corn popcorn in the microwave, and book. Meanwhile, melt a spoonful of coconut oil in the microwave and pour over the popcorn already ready. Mix well and add 1 scoop of 100% Whey Flavor Caramel. If you prefer, add caramel syrup without sugar at the time of serving;
  • ON products are considered the most cost-effective products on the market. Although not the cheapest, they usually have pleasant flavors and good solubility - besides, of course, a great quality.

Where to buy

In addition to traditional supplement stores, you can also find Optimum Nutrition products online, directly on the brand site or on specific sites for sports supplements.


What Optimum Nutrition brand supplements have you consumed? Are you part of those who consider you the best brand of supplements these days? Comment below viewing your review

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