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The Pictures of This Girl Before and After Drinking

Seven years ago, an Instagram Swedish digital influencer calledJelly Devote, went out to drink with his friends at least three times a week, suffering hangovers with the same frequency. "I do not know how much I drank - it was just too much she says of her affinity for beer and drinks.

Now, at 27, Devote reduced his alcohol intake to a glass or two of wine or champagne every two weeks, and the effects were drastic, according to recent photos she posted on Instagram comparing their looks before and after changing this habit.

Side-by-side images received more than 1, 00 tannings (thousands more than their typical posts) in a matter of days.

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In the caption, she highlights her newly-balanced lifestyle, the opposite of her old habits: Devote was basically sedentary. She fed her body with processed foods like potato chips, cookies, fatty sausage meats and fizzy drinks - "not a single vegetable she says. "All I did was go out with friends or stay on the couch."

When she was 21, a bikini shot (not at all nice) made her think about exercising. At the same time, her grandmother, who had long been pampering her with sweets, first mentioned her weight gain.

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"That was the time when I decided things needed to change says Devote, who started exercising regularly at home shortly thereafter. Encouraged by her initial weight loss in the first few weeks, she focused on her intake "It is simply impossible to have a healthy body and mind with so much alcohol, "she says.

Aside from exchanging alcohol for water - "I'm always drinking water!" She says - Devote has also altered the rest of her three large meals a day for five or six small, consisting of green vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. She saves a space for treats like a donut occasionally. After four months, she lost about 1, kg.

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Although she suffered some relapses, such as a back injury that threatened to affect her motivation to exercise a few years ago, she has always recovered with a new promise. "When I drag myself back to the gym, I fall in love with it again and enjoy it more than ever says Devote, who learned to put more actions in her mind than its weight itself, that it does not measure any more. "More importantly, I began to love myself instead of hating myself she wrote on the Instagram.

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Although she is a digital influencer, with more than 57, 00 followers, who now spend most of her time traveling, she continues to drink in moderation. "I have balance she wrote on Instagram. She also trains when she can, usually five times a week in her hotel room, using an elastic band she always carries with her or her backpack as weights. To stay active, she seeks out adventures as walks. "There are so many changes in my appearance, in how I feel and how I live my life she wrote. "I've never felt better!"


Have you ever tried dropping the alcoholic beverage for a while to see the results in your body? Do you think you could do the same as Jelly Devote? Comment below!

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