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Fattening? Analysis and Tips

When we are struggling to lose weight, we often think of including healthy foods in our routine. Sustagen (or "assortment as it is commonly written) is one such food. However, Sustagen is fattening and may not be the best option for those who want to lose weight. Already if you have difficulty gaining weight, it can be an ally in your diet.

What is Sustagen? What is it for?

Sustagen (and other foods of the same type) is a food supplement for those who need to gain weight. Usually people use the name "Sustagen" to designate any product of this type, but it is the name of a product of a brand. Other products similar to Sustagen are Nutren Active and Sustare.

This type of supplement is rich in vitamins, iron and also in carbohydrates and a little protein. Your fat is zero. These are the advantages of adding it to your routine. Sustagen contains whole skim milk powder, which makes it a good source of calcium. Even though it contains milk in its formula, it usually requires that it be prepared with a glass of milk.

Sustagen is a way to gain weight with quality. You can find it in adult versions and also tailor-made for kids. However, some of these supplements contain sugar (see label), so if you take it you need to keep an eye on sugar intake for the rest of the day. In addition, if you have diabetes, the consumption of Sustagen should be negotiated with your doctor or nutritionist.

Sustagen gets fat?

"Sustagem as we have seen, is a food made to supplement your diet and help you gain weight with quality. However, you should not rely solely on it to gain weight. Three tablespoons contain about 120 calories. With over 90 of a glass of milk, you get 240 calories, which may be an add-on. However, if you take it as meal replacement, it will not have the same effect. To gain weight, you need to use it as a supplement to your daily diet. So, the fattening subsists if you consume more servings or if you use it as extra in your food, an additional.

It is also interesting to invest in bodybuilding training, because bodybuilding helps you develop muscles, something important for everyone, men, women and for those who want to gain weight or not.

240 calories? So Sustagem slimming?

You're probably thinking of using assortment as a healthy meal replacement option. This type of food is not meant to replace meals but complements them. For those who want to lose weight, assortment may not be a good indication because it contains few proteins and zero of fat (remember that the main meals need all three groups: carbohydrates, fats and proteins). So it is not a balanced food. You can even lose weight on a low calorie diet (for a main meal, of course), but you will not be eating a balanced meal as you should. There are a number of shakes and other products on the market made to intentionally replace meals, but even these shakes are also controversial in their long-term use.

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Some people believe, however, that if you need to lose weight and have difficulty eating breakfast, then it is better to take "extras" than not take anything. Makes sense. However, the use of "snack" to lose weight is something that should be discussed with a nutritionist, only he can say with certainty if this food is right for you and under what circumstances this is the case.

Scratching for children

There are specific versions for children. However, if you want to offer this supplement for your child to gain weight, consult his pediatrician before. Sticking may not be the best option to gain weight. What's more, if the child gets too fat, it will help her body understand that weight is right for her. Fattening children requires a lot of care, so consult your pediatrician and a nutritionist. Some professionals consider that the assortment is fattening healthily and not exaggerated, but others prefer to try food first and not supplements.

Likewise if you are thinking of using it to make your child slim down, consult a professional. The child needs all food groups to fully develop, it is not "Achismos" in their feeding - "achismo" is bad in the feeding of adults, children! So attention.


Do you think the subsistence is fattening? Did you lose weight or gain weight when you took it? How was your experience? Comment below.

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