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She Beat Pre-Diabates and Lost 50 Kg with 3 Simple Steps

When Chenise Nupp, 20, visited her doctor, she was shocked to learn that she needed medication for high blood pressure and that she was pre-diabetic. Even though she was well overweight, she never thought that the 130 pounds she carried in her 2m tall could affect her health at such a young age.

"I can not believe I'm 20 and I'm having to take high blood pressure medication recalled his 24-year-old girl's thinking.

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But losing weight seemed to be impossible. She had been overweight since her parents divorced when she was still a child, and they gave her food to help her cope with her emotions. Sometimes she lost weight with some radical diet, but she always got it all back-and sometimes a little more.

"I thought there was nothing I could do. I would always be overweight, "she said.

The situation looked hopeless, but then a co-worker at his office in Casper, Wyoming, in the States United States, mentioned that her husband had recently undergone weight-loss surgery and was losing some pounds Chenise decided to visit a doctor for a consultation. For her doctor to perform the surgery, she first had to lose 5 to 7 kg.

"They obviously want to be sure that you will make the necessary changes, or the surgery will not work she said.

Chenise started cutting out carbohydrates and soda and doing some low-impact exercise, such as swimming and walking. She lost exactly 7 kg and underwent laparoscopic gastrectomy in November 2015. In the first few weeks after surgery, she needed a liquid diet.

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Since then, she maintains a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet with high intake of fruits and vegetables. She also continued to exercise, swimming, walking with her dogs and playing volleyball.

"I am proof that you do not have to go to the gym to work things out she said. "As long as you do not sit on the couch."

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In all, Chenise lost 50 kg. Often people think that weight loss surgery is easy but she says that now she eats healthily and practices exercises like losing and maintaining weight loss. "It's not a fix overnight. You have to change, "she said.

Her initial goal was to weigh 84 kg - the smallest weight she has ever had in adulthood. Now she expects to reach 75 kg.

"I'm trying to lose the last 5 kilos so I can say 'Yes, I have a healthy weight she said.

Since losing weight, Chenise has traveled frequently, feels more open to opportunities, and has learned more about herself.

"My weight was holding me back she said. "But you can accomplish your goals."

Chenise, who no longer needs any medication, shares advice to others who want to lose weight on their social networks.

1. Listen to your body

Chenise does not stop eating a little piece of cake during the office's birthday celebrations or completely avoids snacking. But she does not fail to pay attention to when she feels full, and so stops eating.

"It's a question of moderation. You do not have to eat two pieces of cake, "she said. "Listen to your body to know when you are satisfied."

2. Find support of loved ones

Many people thought that Chenise could not lose weight, which discouraged her. But she had some close friends who cheered for her and inspired her to eat healthy and exercise.

"It really helped me keep walking and remember why I was doing this she said.

3. Say goodbye to toxic food

Chenise's weak spot was the sugary drinks. She knew she could drink them in moderation, but decided to cut them completely from her diet.

"Be willing to let go of some things because there are certain things that might be triggers for you. You may not be able to handle it any more, "she said.


Has Chenise's story startled you and inspired you to make a similar change in your life? Do you know anyone who went through something like that? Comment below!

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