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Vitforte Fattening? What It Is and How It's Taken

When we can not get the minerals and vitamins in the quantities needed to ensure the proper functioning of our body, an alternative is to make use of supplements. However, before using any of these products, it is important to know them better.

And that's exactly what we're going to do now, knowing one of these supplements better: Vitforte. Does Vitforte get fat? What exactly is the product for and how do I take it? Let's find out now!

What is Vitforte for?

Found in packs of 30, 50, 60 and 500 hard gelatine capsules, the supplement is classified as a polyvinyl and polyimineral, free from gluten and lactose and is manufactured by the company Pharmaceutical Vitamed Ltda.

As already mentioned above, it is a medicine indicated to act in the replacement of vitamins and minerals that are deficient in the human body.

This deficiency may be associated with problems such as stress, fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate, memory exhaustion, exhaustion with depression and circulatory problems, according to information from the Vitforte.

It is allowed to buy the supplement without the prescription. However, before using multivitamin and poliminerals, it is advisable to talk to whether the drug or supplement is really necessary and appropriate for the case of the patient in question.

And then, Vitforte gets fat?

For those who are concerned not only with health but also with good form, knowing if the medicines and supplements that they use can cause or not the weight gain is quite useful.

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Well, regarding the product of Vitamed, there is information in the package leaflet that says that Vitforte is directly fattening. However, as you may see in the topic of side effects, one of the reactions that can happen, although rare, is muscle weakness.

This effect may contribute to a decrease in the practice of physical activities, which has the consequence of reducing the calorie burn. Indirectly, this may be related to weight gain.

However, because the chances of muscle weakness being small are small, the likelihood that the reaction indirectly causes weight gain may also be considered rather small.

Another point against the idea that Vitforte is fattening is the fact that products classified in the category of multivitamins are not caloric.

However, if the consumer takes advantage of using the supplement to meet the nutritional needs of foods, fried foods, fast-food snacks and crap that usually come loaded with calories and will gain weight.

Obviously, however, this is not the fault of the supplement, but rather of the poor and poor quality diet.

So, if you have gained weight by using Vitforte, carefully review your eating habits to see if weight gain can not be associated with it.

To be sure of what may have happened, consult your doctor and let him know about the problem. He is the professional who can investigate more deeply the origin of the gain of extra kilos.

Side Effects of Vitforte

According to information found in the package leaflet, Vitforte may adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation (constipation), feeling hot and face.

However, the chances of these effects being observed are reduced. Anyway, when trying them out, it is recommended to talk to the doctor you trust.

How to take Vitforte?

The recommendation is for the user to use one supplement capsule daily. The dosage should be different only if the doctor so prescribes.

In addition, there is also an indication that the drug is consumed with a little water, always before a meal.

Care of Vitforte

Although there is insufficient evidence of relevant interactions between the supplement and other and the product does not present contraindications within the recommended dosage, it requires some care.

They refer to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their babies. The guideline is for them to consult their doctor before starting to use Vitforte to ensure that it is safe for their case and their baby.

In addition, if the patient becomes pregnant during or after the end of the treatment with the supplement, she You should also inform the doctor who will indicate how to proceed with the continuity or repetition of product.

Vitforte or Centrum?

Like Vitforte, Centrum is a food supplement composed of vitamins and minerals that complements the supply of these nutrients that is supplied through the diet.

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Following is the nutritional information for each product in its best-selling version:

- Vitforte:

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- Centrum - A to Z:

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But how to identify which one is better? The safe answer to such questioning can only be given by the doctor accompanying the patient's case. This is because the best formulation for each person varies according to the needs that each one has, which are usually not the same as those of other individuals.

However, one point at which we can consider Centrum to gain from Vitforte is the fact that its line has more products, each one being aimed at a different audience. On the website of Vitamed, manufacturer of Vitforte, we find only two models of the supplement: the conventional Vitforte and Vitforte Mulher.

In turn, Centrum has a broader line with Centrum ProNutrients Omega 3 products, Centrum Women, Centrum Man, Centrum Complete - A to Zinc, Centrum Select and Centrum Control.


Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Vitforte is fattening? Have you considered using this supplement as part of your diet? Comment below!

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