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The Secrets of a Mother of 6 Children to Have a Tiny Tummy

Parading her curves and her cracked abdomen out there, anyone could think that Tenille Duncan is a 20-something girl who spends endless hours in the gym taking care of her body.

But this beautiful 35-year-old is actually a busy mother of six! So, how does she do it?

A personal trainer and bodybuilder is the first to admit that he gets up at 4:30 in the morning to exercise."I train before the kids get out of bed because it's the only time I have," she explains.

After lifting weights for an hour before sunrise, Tenille runs into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her family. They usually eat oatmeal or eggs on toast.

The Australian mother has developed a useful strategy for surviving the morning chaos - her best tip is to advance as many preparations as she can the night before.

"Lunches are made, packaged in lunch boxes and placed in the refrigerator. School uniforms are passed and everything is ready to go in the morning, "she says.

When everyone finishes eating, the supermother ensures that the children get dressed, brush their hair and clean their teeth before her husband, Khane, 39, takes them to school.

Tenille then goes on to train his first batch of clients.

So, after a satisfying lunch of fish and salad, she goes to her computer to train her clients online.

And before she realizes it's time to get the kids in school. Then homework time and dinner, consisting of steak, potatoes and vegetables. After they finish eating, Tenille prepares their children's lunches and school uniforms for the next day, before attending more customers. Ufa! And the cycle starts again.

For many of us, the pure thought of such a busy schedule is enough to drive us into panic. But Tenille reveals another little secret. She says she has had more energy since incorporating exercises into her life seven years ago.

Before beginning her rigorous training routine, she spent 12 years going from one fad diet to another on a misguided quest to be lean."The first time I tried to diet I was in high school when someone told me I had a really big butt. I was 16, "she recalls.

"It was just a stupid comment - my butt was not that big. But when you're young and impressionable, those comments stay with you. "

The impetus for change came seven years ago when Tenille's health really began to suffer.

At the time, she was on a rigid non-fat meal replacement plan and weighed only 47kg at her height of 1.68m.

"I kept forgetting things. I know mothers forget because they have too much in mind, but the situation was getting ridiculous. I forgot appointments, I lost my keys all the time, I felt constantly exhausted. "

" I started to worry: 'My God, what's wrong with me?' "

Tenille - who hated exercises at the time - began to thinkthat her problems occurred because she was very out of shape, so she went to see a personal trainer. What he said shocked her.

"He said: 'With these diets and lack of exercise, you deprived all the muscle in your body so that it had no form. No matter how thin you are, you will always have flaccid parts and cellulite because you have no muscles. '"

" It did not go through my head that I needed more food, "says Tenille, who is Aurora's 4-year-old mother, Jhett, 7, Sienna, 12, Layla, 14, and 16-year-old Zhane's stepmother, and Ella, 18. "The idea of ​​gaining weight to look better was so strange."But desperate to feel better, she decided to follow the coach's advice.

"I started eating healthier fats like avocados. I started eating carbohydrates along with clean unprocessed foods. I ate nuts and fruits, "she says. Tenille

also went on to train three times a week, starting with simple squats and exercises to strengthen your core ( core).

"Within two weeks I was feeling much better - my mind, my memory, my energy levels. After about six months, I felt a completely different person. Instead of dragging myself at the time of the children's bath or homework, I had the energy to be more present and to enjoy the children more. "

" For the first time in my life, I felt fit, strong and self-confident. "

Tennille's Top Three Tips for Busy Moms Get in Shape

  1. As you prepare for the night before.
  2. Be consistent and patient - Rome was not built in a day.
  3. Exercise while the children are still in bed.

After seeing his own life improve, Tenille - who advises everyone to drink two liters of water a day - decided that he wanted to help others.

She studied to become a personal trainer and set up an online coaching business. Now, a successful bodybuilder, she often competes against women much younger than her.

"You see a lot of young girls who have not had any children yet," says Tenille.

"Sometimes I think, 'What am I doing?', Especially in the moments before I get on stage, but I like to show other mothers that you can do it."

You're also a mom or dad and give thewho does not have time to exercise? Do you think your health is suffering from it and you want to change now? Comment below!

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