Ballet Fitness - How It Works, Benefits and Tips

Traditional physical exercise practices often become less than motivating and even become an argument for absences in class, is not it? That's exactly why physical education and dance professionals have invested in the marriage that can make the workout even more dynamic and engaging.

The Ballet Fitness is a novelty that can be adopted by several women, not only by dancers. The idea is exactly this, everyone can have fun dancing and practicing exercises that will only contribute to positive effects for their health. From now on you will understand better about this novelty and may consider risking the steps of classical dance to conquer its good form.

What is?

Ballet for many is regarded as inspiration and admiration. Many people feel embarrassed to start dancing, but Ballet Fitness, or fitness ballet, is gaining space in the academies just to prove otherwise.

The classes consist in the realization of movements with the aid of the bars, realization of isometries, repetitions and supports. Do not think that the lessons are based solely on the movements of the ballet, in fact, the idea is to unite the exercises of squats, the traditional abs and four supports with the steps of the Classic Ballet.

The modality is very recent in Brazil, but internationally speaking, we can mention several academies that have invested and are recognized by the efficient work, among these we can highlight Pure Barre, The Bar Method, Xtend Barre and Ballet Physique. The Ballet Fitness is nothing more than a workout based on the principles of classical dance to tone, strengthen and shape the entire body with Pilates fundamentals and exercises designed to improve your posture.

How it works?

The workouts use accessories and can be characterized by jobs that involve the technical bar, cardiovascular functions and yet optimize their flexibility. The aid of balls for pilates, elastics and fitness accessories are also not discarded. We can also highlight that in some academies, there is use of pilates concepts in ballet fitness classes. The songs used in class are not limited to the classics, quite the contrary, you can roll Rock, Pop and even indications of students' favorite songs.

Classes begin with slight stretches and calmer songs. Then, the movements of the classical ballet begin with the help of the technical bar. After initiation and adaptation to the pace of the lesson, instructions are given for the abdominal exercises. The use of accessories such as balls and elastics at this time is free. It is at this very moment that we can recognize the strong influence of Pilates in Ballet Fitness class. In the third part of the class, rhythmic movements are performed. They can contribute to your flexibility, fitness and also to memory.

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The more agitated classes and songs with more intense rhythms are aimed at the women who want lose weight, tone and strengthen the body, but there are other classes that are aimed at students beginners These classes are taught with slower songs and even with piano chords in the background to provide moments of reflection and relaxation. These classes mainly follow the principles of Pilates.

The calorie expenditure is on average 500 calories per class and the classes can contribute to better flexibility and even strength. They are given at varying times of 45 to 60 minutes and can be applied 2 or 3 times a week.


Ballet Fitness classes can offer several benefits and these can be obtained according to the dedication of the students. The dynamic and agitated classes can contribute to the strengthening of your muscles and even reduce your body measurements.

Fitness Ballet differs from bodybuilding exactly because it does not return movements to a single muscle group, quite the opposite. The methodology of the classes is to challenge your physical conditioning with multiple movements that require the dedication of several members.

The benefits obtained may be similar to those of a lymphatic drainage session due to the high frequency of heel elevations, knees and hips, which result in work on the vessels lymphatics.

Do not think that the benefits are limited to the best conditioning of your muscles, the cardiovascular system can also work better with the adoption of Ballet Fitness classes.

Your posture and the health of your spine can also benefit from the movements Ballet Fitness classes, especially for the stretches performed at the beginning and at the end of the classrooms.


  • It is important that you evaluate and recognize your body conditions, especially injuries. You should check for injuries and physical problems that could harm or aggravate the current condition.
  • Abusing the use of accessories, they can provide a differentiated way in carrying out the movements.
  • Evaluate the methodology used by the instructor of the class, verify that it provides equal attention and your physical condition is required, as it is essential that you feel safe and comfortable during the classrooms.
  • If you want to lose weight, do not just dedicate yourself to Ballet Fitness classes, it is crucial that you get to a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits. Regular diet and exercise are essential for weight loss, so do not assign all the responsibility for weight loss to Ballet Fitness.
  • Drink plenty of water during class. You will lose fluids and it is important that you stay hydrated so as not to reduce your physical stamina.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, the movements demanded of your flexibility, so it is indispensable to the use of clothes compatible with the amplitude of the movements. Clothes that hinder perspiration should also be avoided.
  • Use Ballet Fitness classes to enhance your concentration and memorability.
  • There is no requirement to wear high-top sneakers, but in case of use, opt for a comfortable and easily fit to carry out the movements; the more you feel comfortable the better.
  • Do not carry out the movements with doubts about the accomplishment of the same, because it can by its posture at risk, and thus to cause injuries that could be avoided. Seek clarification from your counselor and then practice the dance as safely as possible.
  • Above all the benefits, enjoy yourself, the lesson is a novelty for you to get out of monotonous exercises, so use the Fitness Ballet to your advantage, enjoy the music and the distinctive environment to Exercises.

Who can practice?

There are no contraindications to attending Ballet Fitness classes. If you are over 12 years old, you can go to the nearest gym to get better information about the classes offered.

Where to practice?

Ballet Fitness classes are offered at gyms and dance studios. You can search for services offered in establishments in your neighborhood or city. If you have questions, you can search for information from the nearest places by searching the internet.


Have you ever heard of Ballet Fitness? Would it be a good physical activity option for you to escape the sameness? Comment below your review.

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