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Former Morbid Obesity Loses 133 Kg and Turns Bodybuilder

Richard Branscum came to weigh 206 kg after his father's sudden death in 2005. He was the first person to recognize the body after his father passed away due to various health problems.

In order to deal with the trauma, the 26-year-old saw the food as an outlet for his emotions and was so overweight that he did not even fit the classroom wallet. Rich

said: "My father was completely blind because of diabetes, so I had to teach myself to play sports. In my first year of high school, he had pneumonia. "

" One day, coming home from school, I noticed that our dog was on the couch shaking a lot. My father was on the floor taking a nap, as he always did. I walked over to him and noticed that his face was all black and blue. I touched his throat to see if he was breathing and he was cold, as if I was touching a refrigerator "

" Looking back to the past now I realize that I ate to comfort myself when I really missed him. "

Doctors alerted thean Iowa student in the United States, that he would die before his 21st birthday if he continued these habits.

Rich was so shocked that he embarked on a mission to lose weight, losing 75 kg before gaining 45 kg of pure muscle.

He said: "The big turning point came from a conversation with my doctor. He told me that I could not play football that year because it was too heavy.

"He told me that I would be dead by the time I was 21 or would be in bed for the rest of my life until I died."

"I looked in the mirror and realized after crying too much that I had to change. It was my limit, or I would die or die trying to lose my weight. "

" I did not want to die so young or have to stay in bed for the rest of my life. "

In an attempt to lose weight, Rich started towrite down everything he ate and focused on portion control, as well as begin aerobic exercise.

The first kilometer he ran in his life took an hour on the treadmill.

Then he approached the owner of a local nutrition store who, after hearing his story, helped him craft a diet plan.

Rich explained, "I went in there with my chest open and told my story and they told me that they would help me achieve all my goals and dreams. I lost over 130kg with their help, they became my brothers that I never had and they are like a family. "

Now the 111kg bodybuilder is showing others how to achieve their goals in a good way by inspiring them with their ownemotional experience.

Rich is proud of himself for how far he has been going since his father's death.

He added, "I never thought people would ask me for health advice, and now, every day, I get people to ask me to help them lose weight and I save their lives, which for me is the bestfeeling of the world. "

" I am so grateful God is giving me a second chance in life and just being alive every day. "

" My father and I were best friends - he taught me to always work hard and never give up onmy goals and dreams ".He's certainly very proud from up there, Rich!

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