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Tattoos - How to Choose a Professional and Time to Care and Take Care of Tattoo


You probably know someone who has a tattoo or you have some. Tattoos are a way to mark the skin an important moment, someone special or simply to beautify your body. But did you know that they came long before Christ?


There are rumors that tattoos originated from scars and marks that were usually acquired in fighter jets, body wrestling and wars. They represented strength, claw and victory, which made them a source of recognition and pride. From this the man began to mark voluntarily making drawings with thorns, sharp objects and vegetal paints.


Caring for a Tattoo

To get a tattoo you need some basic care to make the figure look the way you wanted it to. They serve to prevent discoloration, an infection and even deformity of the drawing.

The fixing of the pigments on the skin occurs through an inflammatory process in place without damaging your skin. It is a process that leaves the site swollen and red, varying from person to person. It has a deadline of approximately 72 hours to disappear and get only the tattooed design.

Some places hurt a little more than others, but each person has a tolerance for pain. Which means some feel more discomfort than others.

Have Patience To Choose The Drawing

Avoid getting a tattoo after hasty decisions, for it is at these times that disappointments and regret come. Especially in cases where it is done in a moment of momentum.

You will have the tattoo design for a lifetime, so have patience and a good reflection when making this decision. Rest assured that you will enjoy this design in the future. Think about whether in 5 or 10 years it will still make sense even with the passage of time.

Choose Drawings That Make Sense

Drawing will be a good choice if:

  • It represents something very important, like a victory or a remarkable phase;
  • It symbolizes hope or conquest;
  • Transmits forces;
  • It represents the encounter with your true self;
  • Among others.

Drawings like these can always remind you who you are and who you can be throughout your life. Decreasing your chances of regret.

Take into account the location of the body that will be made

The place will have an influence on the design you choose, think about it also very calmly, consider how likely you will ever need to hide your tattoo or cover it with clothing. This can occur, for example, with the choice of career you want to pursue.

A tattoo can be a problem or even preclude certain types of work by wearing uniforms and uniforms, but varies greatly from the company you plan to get a job. As much as you are not able to be sure where you will work, as there may be changes along the way, it is always good to think anyway.

How to Choose the Tattoo?

Choosing the tattoo artist who will make your tattoo is not only for his skill, but also for this and other things that should be taken into account. Do not be in a hurry to choose it and be sure to ask for opinions from people who have already had tattoos with it, if possible, even ask to see how it got.

Browse the Tattoo Portfolio

Visit the studios, ask the portfolios, ask questions and clarify all your doubts. You can usually view online portfolios on social networks, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Avoid Very Affordable Tattoo Options

If the tattooist you charge a value well below the others you've made a budget, be wary. Almost always that means it's bad. Prices can range from professional to professional, and also because of the size and colors that will be used. But even so the value is not usually very different.

After Tattoo Care

After doing the tattoo you should apply an ointment that contains in its composition dexpanthenol acid, which reconstitutes the skin tissue. It should also make dressing the covering with plastic film and it is necessary the local cleaning with water and neutral soap.

Along with the use of ointment it is always recommended to apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun, so that the skin does not have an inflammatory reaction due to the sun's rays. This also serves to prevent the drawing from fading, that is, the more recent your tattoo is and the more it is exposed to the sun, the more it may lose its sharpness.