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Young Loss 45 kg in 2 Years Without Opening Hand of a Wine Glass

After struggling for many years, 25-year-old Rebecca Grafton was motivated to stay healthy before making a trip to Jamaica. Now, at 45 kg less, she inspires others through her blog, My Girlish Whims.

With 111 kg in January 2014, Rebecca began her journey. Now, she tells how all the change in her lifestyle was and how she managed to lose weight. Check out:

What was the turning point that made you want to lose weight?

I was so fat that I was no longer able to recognize myself in the pictures. I had booked a vacation trip to Jamaica in May 2014, and did not want to see the photos of my trip in the future and could not remember the good times I had because all I could see in the photos was how fat I was.

Have you ever tried to lose weight in the past?

Like every girl, I had tried dieting countless times before. But I always failed and decided to throw in the towel. The only thing that changed this time was that I promised myself to go back to the fight, no matter how many times I got out of the way.

Which habit had the biggest effect on your journey?

Decide to resume as many Mondays as necessary. There were many weekends along my journey where I ate more than I should, but I never let this weekend keep me from starting over and committing all week.

How has your diet changed?

I had to change the types of food I cooked as well as learn to control the portions. I learned to make good use of food and its flavor without having to add any sauce or cheese, for example. I also learned how to use fresh ingredients and seasonings to make real and yummy food.

How did you feel when you started exercising?

It was difficult. I remember my fats flicking along with me as I ran on the treadmill and the personal trainer Jillian Michaels screaming at me when I woke up early Friday before work to do one of their training videos. It was difficult at first, but over time, it got easier. And I've gotten to the point that now the exercise is not an arduous task. It's something I really enjoy doing.

How has your level of physical fitness improved during weight loss?

I stopped being a 111 kg girl who could not even run for 30 seconds to be able to run 15 km without stopping. It was pretty slow at first, but now I've completed two half marathons.

Did you feel intimidated by the academy?

I found a workout that I liked and decided to just say "fuck up" and it does not matter what others think. I went to several Zumba classes when I first started training. I was not the most coordinated of the class and certainly was not the fittest, but it was a workout I liked. I burned enough calories and did not care what the other people in the class were thinking about me - I just danced and amused myself.

How's your workout routine these days?

I try to work out every day, if possible, so I always like to be changing things. I run twice a week - one around 15 km and one shorter. I practice a weekly barré class on Fridays, and I go to the gym around three times a week to do weight training and treadmill. I also do some DVD training at home.

How is your daily diet?

I eat a lot of protein daily.

  • Breakfast: My breakfast usually involves a stir-fried egg white with sauteed brussels sprouts topped with low-fat cheese and some sort of carbohydrate as an accompaniment, such as toast. .
  • Lunch: Lately I havemade great salads with mango, chicken strips and a greek yogurt sauce.
  • Dining: My dinners are very varied but they usually involve a lean protein such as chicken with vegetables. I like to bake chicken covered with goat cheese and apples, and serve it with accompaniment of roasted garlic and brussels sprouts, or make a cooked fish fillet and serve it with a salad of cabbage and greek lemon yogurt cream.
  • Snacks: In snacks, I consume protein bars, Greek yogurt, turkey breast and fresh fruits.

How do you stay motivated when you think about quitting?

Sometimes turning down the pizza with the office staff really sucks, but it's also a bore to have 111 kg and see yourself crying in a dresser when your pants do not fit you anymore. I had to decide what was worth: temporary pleasures, or make sacrifices for a healthy lifestyle.

What can not you let go of and always the hardest during the journey?

Wine. I love wine. And I like to drink a lot of it. I had to completely cut off alcohol for a few weeks when I was losing most of my weight, but I only drank on the weekends. I'm not so strict with myself now - but I do not go from one cup per night because drinking often can lead to bad food choices.

What tip would you give to anyone who does not know how to start losing weight?

Ultimately, losing weight is very easy. There is no secret formula and no magic pill that will make you thin. If you eat right and practice exercises, you will lose weight. It may not happen as fast as you would like, but if you adhere to a healthy enough living plan, you will see results. Keep things simple and give yourself enough time to see the change.

What did you think of Rebecca's weight loss story? What is your weakness in achieving weight loss? Comment below!

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